Vision and Values

We believe God is calling us to use Lead, Love, Launch as tools to utilize as Lincoln Heights grows towards the year 2020. We believe these three words provide us with a vision, a strategy, and with values. We value reaching the lost, we value relationships, and we value reproducing leaders. To keep ourselves accountable to this vision, we have prayerfully developed The 551 Plan.

  • We are praying for and planning to LEAD 500 people to Jesus by 2020.
  • We are praying for and planning to LOVE people into 50 Community Groups by 2020.
  • We are praying for and planning to LAUNCH 1 church plant by 2020.

These sound like audacious goals. They are and that’s a good thing. These goals will require us to trust and rely on God because there is no way we can do this on our own. We want people to know that they were meant for so much more than just to bring home a paycheck. We are going to keep loving people right where they are at, but we are also going to keep reminding them that God has given them gifts and an incredible vision grounded in His Word to point their life towards. That vision is to LEAD people to Jesus, LOVE people into community, and LAUNCH people into ministry.

The time is now!